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Mating Games: Bonus Challenge Two

Prompt: Sleepover

Stiles really hadn't seen this coming.

So when he shows up at Derek's loft in the middle of the night, just needing a couple of hours of respite from the nightmares that still plague him, he is not expecting to be confronted with...well, this:


And when he cheekily suggests that Derek 'leave the bunnies on' as he shuffles back to bed, lifting the covers and inviting Stiles to join him, Stiles knows he should be grateful the Big Bad Wolf doesn't eat him.

Or maybe...

Yeah, the slippers should probably be ditched under the bed. No need to traumatize the bunnies.
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Fic: While You Were Sleeping

Title: While You Were Sleeping
Rating: PG
Word Count 19,441
Character/Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Movie: While You Were Sleeping
Summary: Stiles' life takes a turn when he's mistaken for the fiance of the woman whose life he saves. Things get even more complicated, however, when he starts to fall for Laura's twin brother, Derek.
Notes: Written for Reel 1 at reel_wolves